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Corporate Governance Malaysia

Course Code: CG

Dates: 29 Apr - 10 May | 25 Nov – 6 Dec

Price: £4300

Duration: 2 Week

Course Objective

To develop the necessary results to improve an organisations Leadership in the community in which they serve – for profits and people

Who Should Attend?

Directors, Executives and General Managers and Managers who are responsible for others in getting results and who want to improve their skills

Prerequisite Courses


Course Overview

• Know and understand the different approaches to Corporate Governance
• Understand your organisations benefits of corporate governance
• Know the difference between a managed organisation and a governed one
• Understand the weaknesses of corporate governance in many organisations – and what to do about it!
• What is best practice for corporate governance – and how do we measure up?
• What are the benefits of board evaluation?
• The 22 critical questions for your board to consider – for it to be the best
• What makes your Board empowered?
• What do we need to do and consider when evaluating your CEO?
• What do you have to do and consider for your organisation to be the best?
• Create outstanding practical actions to deliver the results you desire
• Know what to say to persuade and influence others
• Enhance your communication skills almost immediately!
• Create a personal framework of practical actions that will drive corporate governance in your organisation

Course Materials

Workshop support materials, videos, self-assessments. Also, only you will realise all the benefits from a follow up of action plans; as well as the advantages that many others have, of accessing, free of charge, our eBooks. These will enhance the participant’s personal strengths, increase your knowledge and improve your development long after the workshop has finished.

It will also support and reinforce the workshop actions

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